Did you know that if everyone in London froze their bread to make toast, we could save 2,600,000 slices from the bin every day? Yes, you read that right! Nearly 3 million slices of bread are currently ending up in the bin every single day – and that’s in London alone!

Food waste costs us all far too much at the moment, even those of us who think we don’t waste anything at all – but the good news, is that there are lots of small changes we can all make to reverse the mounting food waste trend.

Some of our favourite food waste prevention tips to help you out

  • Freeze half a loaf and when you fancy toast, take a couple of slices out and pop them straight from the freezer into the toaster. Tap the loaf on your kitchen counter before freezing, to separate the slices.
  • Save the stalks! And peels – maybe even cores if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s all good stuff that will make your food shop go further, cut food waste and save you money. Crunchy, delicious broccoli stalks in your stir fry? Yum.
  • Once you’ve opened your bagged lettuce, place it in a tub with kitchen roll. It’ll stay fresh longer.
  • Don’t dismiss canned and frozen veg. It’s still packed with vitamins and will keep for ages – perfect for all of us with busy schedules.
  • Have a leftovers day! Tupperware at the ready: if you’ve overcooked, box up your leftovers and pop them in the fridge for tomorrow. A day of quick and easy cost-saving meals will make you feel like a winner.
  • Perk up celery by putting it in a cool glass of water in the fridge.
  • Did you know you can freeze eggs? Simply crack them into a bowl and separate the whites from the yolks to freeze separately, or whisk together.
  • Take a shelfie of your fridge before shopping to avoid doubling up on items. Or write a list!