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Tips and tricks to stop your food ending up in the bin.


Chickpeas please!

The humble, fragrant, delicious chickpea curry is one of the easiest ways to eat in a planet - and wallet - friendly way. Learn how to make it on our ‘Cook’ page :)


Chill your veg

Love fruits and veggies? Pop them in the fridge to enjoy them (and all their wonderful vitamins and nutrients) for longer.


Check it before you chuck it

Best before means it’s still great after! If it looks good and smells good - odds are, it’s still going to taste just as delicious.


Save the stalks

And peels, maybe even cores if you’re feeling adventurous. It’s all good stuff that'll make your food shop go further, cut food waste and save you money. Crunchy, delicious broccoli stalks in your stir fry? Yum.

25 ways to use up leftover ingredients

25 ways to turn 25 leftover ingredients into delicious food, or even cocktails! Get creative with BBC Good Food.

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Tupperware at the ready

Eyes bigger than your belly? Box up your leftovers and pop them in the fridge for tomorrow. A day of quick ‘n’ easy cost-saving meals will make you feel like a winner.

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Would you try a food waste wedding!?

An eco (and budget) conscious bride and groom fed 140 guests and saved food from landfill at theirs! Check out the Mail Online’s article for the full story.

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Make your celery last longer

Keep your celery Bloody Mary ready! From sad and limp to crisp and delish. Check out Maxine Builder’s storage suggestions in this MyRecipes article.

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